This Season’s Wow-Worthy Blazer

Living in Miami, I am now very much attracted to all things white.  It’s in all year round and looks good on everyone.  White jeans, white bathing suits, white shorts, white dresses.  Seriously, white is hot.  And finding this gem of a white blazer from Anthropologie was such a score.  Leave it to Anthro to {of course} have the best white blazer ever.

The good news is that white is in season for you all as well.  Which means we all can bask in the glory of this staple piece that flatters even a nursing, 5 months postpartum mom.  It’s a woven cotton material, the inner lining is gorgeous {perfect for cuffing} and it lays very nicely.  I am going to pair this with a fitted dress.  T-shirt and weathered jeans.  Shorts with heels.  Honestly, you can wear this jacket so many ways.

Without further ado, enter the Anthropologie wow-worthy blazerNote the model has it cuffed up a lot; the sleeves are actually long.  Yes, you will pay a decent buck but, you will have this for years to come given its versatility and class.


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