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Must-Have Shift Dress - House & Host

Must-Have Shift Dress

I have been in Miami for a year now and one thing is clear:  I have some serious work to do with my style and attire.  Coming from Chicago, I basically wear black.  Leggings, jeans, sweaters, jackets.  Yeah, black jeans on a regular basis in Miami amidst 90 degrees and 1,000% humidity is tough.

I told my husband the situation.  And that I needed more cute “Miami” dresses.  But ones that cover all my body parts, of course.  His response was similar to most husbands.  I have enough clothes.  True, true.  But, seriously, honey.  I can’t wear a black leather jacket and jeans in Miami in May.  Or June.  Or July.  Or August.  And my black workout clothes are just not an excuse anymore, six months postpartum.  Based on his facial expression I think I sold him.

So, I had a mission.  Easy-wearing, multifunctional dresses.  Maybe floral.  Bright colors.  You know, very Miami.

And then.  I found a black dress.  Seriously, Ann, black?   Yeah.  Anyways, it’s the best black dress so I went with it. Here’s why.

First, it’s $48 (and ships for free).  Second, it’s flattering.  Third, I can wear it with flip flops to church.  Or with heels for date night.  Or with a blazer to the office.  It’s multifunctional for sure.  Last, it’s from Nordstrom.  And we all know Nordstrom is the best department store in the universe.  Oh and one more thing.  It’s just a perfect black dress.  We all have room in our closet for one more.

And I am here to tell you to get it.  And prove me right.  And if I am wrong, that’s okay, too.  Tell me that.


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  • I actually just bought something similar (in maternity … boo) from Asos.com. Great minds think alike!


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