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7 Nursing Essentials

I recently finished my seventh and last month of nursing and honestly, it was awesome.  Like 100 times better and moe amazing than I ever expected.  You are literally nourising a human being.  What?!   Yeah, it’s sort of unreal.  Such a creative blessing God has given women.

But ladies, it’s not always easy.  And I wanted to eat all the time.  And to actually shower and get dressed and wear a normal bra is basically the equivalent of climbing machu picchu.  I am a total awkward breastfeeding lady.  Nursing in public?  Nope.  I can count on one hand how many times I did that.  You see, some women are like nursing ninjas.  They are talented in it.  You know, like, they were born with the gift to nurse and whip the boob out anywhere, gracefully.  Not me.  I guess technically we all have some sort of nursing gift but I fell in the “average” nursing category.  I liked it, it was sometimes hard and I was okay at it.

And at about six months, I new my nursing days were numbered and I was coming down the homestretch of this season with Zoey (sniff, sniff).  It was one of the hardest decisions of my life (more on that later).  In the meantime, while I was nursing, I was willing to buy almost anything to help me along the way.  And I wanted to share these 7  nursing essentials that I would recommend for any pregnant or new mom.  Sources below!

7 nursing essentials

1.  Simple wishes hands free breastpump bra – no joke.  This thing is the greatest invention of all-time and I KNOW, as a working mom, I would have never made it as long as I did without this.  Swear.  So, buy it.  Oh and it’s one size/adjusts with you.  Trust me.  It does.  Again.  Buy it.

2.  Archer Farms Monster trail mix – see aforementioned comment re: eating.  All.  The.  Time.

3.  Camelbak water bottle – oh yeah, and you’re thirsty all. the. time.

4.  The Wonder Weeks App – not just for nursing, this app is a new mom must have.  It’s the only app I’ve used since becoming a mom.

5.  My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – there are a few different style nursing pillows and I liked this one because you could clip it on/walk around (yes, this happened regularly).  There’s a pocket for, oh, snacks or your phone.  It’s just great

6.  Medela Freestyle Breastpump – hands free, yes please.  #enoughsaid #bestinclass

7.  Gilligan & O’Malley’s nursing henley cami – this is personal but I liked these because they are a great price point, they held the girls in (as much as possible), come in a few colors and are comfortable

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