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Saying No, Saying Yes

I follow a lot of really remarkable women in the social media space.  Women who write books, who stay at home with their babies, who go to school, who work in corporate America.  And over the last 12-18 months, by pure coincidence – or not – so many of them wrote and blogged and Instagrammed and Tweeted about saying no to say yes to the right thing.  A simple concept, one that I gravitated towards but didn’t fully get it.  Saying no to something gives you space to say yes to something else.  Something better, something more suitable, something that makes more sense in your life, right now.

I took note.  And regrammed quotes and inspirational posts, while in the back of my head thinking “great idea, works for you, wouldn’t work for me…”

And then in Israel, I read a remarkable book called Make It Happen by Lara Casey.  It was a game-changer for me.  I took more notes in that book than I have in quite some time.  Her story. Her truth.  Her transparency.  God’s love, redemption, grace.  Marriage and struggles and pain and career and passions.  Basically I felt like the book was written for me to read at the exact time I needed to read it.  Thank you, Lara.  Thank you, God.


And recently.  I’ve started implementing the saying no concept.  And I’ve been saying yes to the RIGHT things.  Quality, not quantity.  A yes with gumption.  A no with freedom.  And peace.  You see, this life concept is simple, uber difficult to implement, but worth it.  And just plain great.

And so.  After like 25 years of tension.  Passion.  Desire.  Lack of confidence.  Wanting a perfect plan.  Excuses.  Blah blah blah.  This past weekend I said yes.  Yes to enrolling in Interior Design school.  Not full-time.  Not to get a 4-year degree.  Not with a perfect plan.  Instead, with a “taking one step” plan.  An imperfect plan, but one that had a super-charged yes to back it up.  Steps.  That’s it. Yes!

I am not quitting my job to go to school.  I am not quitting my job to become an interior designer.  I am taking one step.  I’m taking online classes at nights and on the weekends to learn more about interior design.  To pursue a burning love I have, to validate that love and to say yes to something that feels right, right now.

I will have to make sacrifices.  Rick will have to make sacrifices.  But, yes.  Just yes.  And no to other noise and things and temptations and haters.  Yes to something that is an effort, that is hard, that is worth it.

I couldn’t be more excited 😉  And because decisions like this don’t happen in a silo, a giant hug of gratitude goes out first to Rick.  He’s always encouraged me to go to school.  Second, to all my friends (you know who you are) who prayed for me and cheered me on and offered wisdom and words of encouragement.  And last, to God.  Because I’ve been praying a lot about a lot, all the time.  This has been a big part of the aforementioned a lot.  And he made this next step CRYSTAL clear to me this past weekend.  #sayno #sayyes #makeithappen

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