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Summer Days, Sleep-Filled Nights

There’s no better time to make updates to your bedroom than summer.  Changing of the seasons offers new perspective, new weather, and often times, more energy (ahem, sunshine and happiness is the definition of summer, right?!).

And with that energy, I wanted to recommend to you 9 things to do during your summer days to help you get restful sleep at night in your master oasis.  From decor to food, you will be surprised at how some of the smallest things will lead to big dreams and perhaps even an extra hour or two of beauty sleep.  Let’s get this summer sleep party started!


1.  Summer is the perfect time to change your bedding.  Whether buying everything new, or just swapping out your sheets, it’s a great time of year to update your bed and change colors and moods without redecorating your whole space.  My vote for color is white and my vote for brand is Parachute.  No question that new, freshly washed bedding (especially bedding that gives back to the world) will help you fall – and stay – asleep.

2.  Did you know that cherries are one of the only foods that contain melatonin (which helps regulate sleep and wake cycles)?  And did you know they are in season?  Add these beauties to your diet (and put in a cute bowl for extra points) during the day to enhance your sleep at night.

3.  It’s summer.  Go to the beach.  With friends.  With your kids.  With yourself.  A little sun (don’t forget the SPF) and swimming will help you ease into the evening for a relaxing night sleep.  (P.S. I want that towel from Parachute!)

4.  Fresh flowers basically make days and nights at home 100 times better. And throwing some in a mason jar or small vase and putting on your nightstand can give your bedroom a luxurious and beautiful feel – almost like an upscale hotel on Central Park West in NYC.  Plus, if Emily Henderson is doing it, so should you.

5.  Journal.  You know that whole thing about writing things down as you think of them?  Sort of a shift from brain to paper.  To decrease stress.  To clear your head in order to fall asleep.  Yeah, it works.  And it’s a bonus when your journal is from Rifle Paper Co. because then it can function as a creative element to your nightstand as well as a mind dump for all those brilliant ideas and thoughts you have. #winwin

6.  Now that it’s summer and the sun is shining and temperatures are mild, getting outside to exercise is a must.  I recommend even a power walk at the end of the day or a 2-3 mile run in the morning to get your blood flowing.  Enter:  endorphins, good moods, bikini bodies and a restful night sleep.

7.  I don’t know about you, but for me, splurging on a gorgeous decor book to read and put on my nightstand is a must-do each season.  It keeps your creativity flowing, creates a new style to your nightstand and gives you something to look forward as you crawl into your new Parachute sheets.  My summer read?  Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home.

8.  In the spirit of decor, the easiest thing to do to update your bedroom for a summer refresh is a throw pillow (or two).  I love the sunshine, pop of color and design this pillow from Parachute brings.

9.  Switching gears and sharing my final recommendation on how your summer days can lead to sleep-filled nights – tea.  Caffeine can keep us up watching HGTV re-runs until 3am (which wouldn’t be the worst thing) so I recommend swapping out that afternoon double espresso with a decaf tea served in this incredibly gorgeous Anthropologie tea cup.

Sweet dreams and happy summer to all!

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