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As a new mom, there are dozens and dozens (and by dozens I mean millions) of resources out there in this internet world we live in.  And as a new mom, we only have about a dozen extra minutes in the day to do anything.  And by dozen I really mean dozen.  Therefore, I am careful on what I choose to read and spend my time on.  Bible always come first each morning.  Then in the evenings or if I need a break from work during the day, one email I always open when it comes through is Mother.

An online editorial and visual resource for moms, Mother is well-styled, highly curated and offers visuals that inspire and content worth reading.  From travel to clothing, style to sleep-training, there is something for every mom out there (I especially love the “Mother Stories”).  What to pack with kids.  How to simplify your life.  What to wear when your boobs are giant (ahem…#storyofmylife). Home tours of beautiful mothers.  Birthday party ideas.  The list goes on. It’s not a typical mom-related editorial that is soley focused on tips for raising kids (do this, don’t do that; buy this, don’t buy that).  It’s more of a collection of topics and content that is meant to inspire moms, in the realm of raising children and otherwise.  For me, I definitley need those resources that help with specific parenting woes (teething, tantrums, toddlers).  But I find enjoy a more well-rounded resource that is about the kids AND about us, as moms.

Here are five posts that I have personally loved and wanted to share (all photos are from  Take a peek, sign up for their newsletter and see what you think!

The Best Family Vacation Spots

vacation spots

Go-To Style Tips When You Only Have Five Minutes


Pregnancy Style // Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co


What To Wear When You’re Boobs Are Huge


What To Pack For A Babymoon





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