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Introducing Propel Women

When the brave, illustrious, God-fearing and beautiful Bianca Jaurez Olthoff reached out to me and asked me to write an article for Propel, I was completely honored and of course, instantly said yes.  First, because I may have a #girlcrush on Bianca (she’s smart and brave and loves Jesus…I’ve had the pleasure to hear her speak a few times and wow…).  And second, because I had been following Propel Women and soooo believe there is a void in this world related to women leaders, defining what leadership is and empowering and enabling women to lead the way God calls them to.  And Propel Women tackles these things in an incredible way.  Their mission?

“Helping women internalize a leadership identity & fulfill their purpose, passion & potential.”


Yes, count me in.  I have been working in corporate America for over 14 years and have played some level of a leadership role the entire time.  Leading people.  Leading visions.  Leading projects.  Over the years, I have fallen flat on my face many of times and I have had celebratory wins that warrant a high-five to God.  Because I truly believe that it wasn’t until I began my relationship with Jesus that I started learning how to lead well.


And a few weeks ago, the 4th edition of the Propel Collective came out.  And I was humbled to be alongside insanely gifted women.  Like seriously humbled.  And that day I dove into the work of my sisters and all I have to say is this.  If you are a woman and you need real-life, tangible stories and advice to help you lead, you are in great hands with Propel Women.  Here are some things I learned:

1.  Founder Christine Caine puts it simply – we are all leaders.  And I couldn’t agree more.  In the workplace, at home, at church, in our neighborhoods.  We are all leading something.

2.  Joyce Meyer talks about the importance of discipline and “works before perks” as a way to work for – and glorify – the Lord.  Little by little when we make the right choices, even though those choices may be hard, God directs us to the places we need to be.

3. I LOVE how Alli Worthington defines leadership in her article about how she wants to help her 5 boys grow up to be leaders.  A leader is someone who obeys the calling God has for their lives. A person who isn’t swayed by popular opinion or the whims of the world. Leaders are not made by their title or position, but by their actions and their heart. A leader leads and influences others by the way they live life and love others. Whether you are a parent, aunt, coach, or mentor to a young person, you have the great honor of being able to help raise a future leader.

4.  Jenni Catron discusses how to be an emotionally effective leader and one of my favorite lines I happen to live by as well is “look at yourself in the mirror first.”  The good leaders work to improve themselves and invest in training and ask for feedback before pointing the guns outward.

5.  Last, I think one of my personal favorites and most impactful for me in the season I am in were the words of Sarah Bessey.  She faced the tough question of what she would choose – motherhood or ministry?  Her answer has helped me immensely!

You guys, these are just a few sound bites from a deeply rich and fruitful collection of stories.  I so encourage you to download the Propel Collective, follow Propel Women on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I promise you will be inspired, moved and challenged in the best possible way.

Lead on, my friends.  Lead on!

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