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A New Chapter // From Land to Water

And so, here I am.  Living in Miami (a city I never thought in a million years I’d live in).  With an almost one-year old baby girl (having doubted that I would ever be a mom).  Having just resigned from Starwood (a place I have worked for 11 1/2 years and never saw myself leaving).

It’s just the juxtaposition of life, isn’t it?  We have visions and plans for ourselves and God swoops in and does crazy amazing things that are literally not even in the scope of what we had in mind.  He introduces us to new people that change our paths.  He opens new doors that we otherwise thought were locked up for good.  He puts ideas on our hearts that we know for certain we aren’t capable of doing on our own…and then we do…with Him.

And that’s my story.  In nearly my entire career with Starwood, I never even went on a job interview.  Because why would I?  I worked for the best hotel company in the world, I loved the work I did and more importantly, I loved the people I did the work with.

And then we moved to Miami.

And then we had a baby.

And then the scope of my job at Starwood changed.  And I was working remotely (which certainly has its pros and the cons come sneaking right up behind those pros).  And I knew that when we moved to Miami, we did it for Ricks career and we knew this would put a potential halt to my growth within Starwood.  But that wasn’t our focus.  It was, of course, part of our conversation and I accepted that.  But we were more focused on Ricks new chapter and our new chapter in a new city as a growing family.  Don’t get me wrong, intentionally putting my career, for a short while, on the backburner wasn’t easy.  But for my husband and for the birth of our child, I’d do it again 100 times over.

And so, a job came across my plate based in Miami, in the travel industry, that sounded too good to be true on paper.  Overseeing social media marketing for Celebrity Cruises.  With my nearly 14 years of digital marketing experience, more recently experience with social media marketing combined with my 13 years of travel experience, I had to pursue it.  And because God is, um, the perfect planner, I reached out to my friends here in Miami to get their POV.  Why?  Because 4 of them work for Royal Caribbean, the parent company.  And like Starwood, it’s all interconnected.


And because it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, my resume was hand delivered to the VP who was hiring for the role.  Not even 24 hours later, I was sitting in his office.  Fast forward a few weeks, Celebrity offered me the job, I accepted…and then I resigned from Starwood.

Resigned from Starwood.

On one hand, it was easy.  Because I’m ready for a new challenge, a new company, new people.

On the other hand, tears.  Because comfortable, a company I know and love and people that literally have shaped me and mentored me and loved me.  (Not to mention I met Rick at Starwood so I fully give credit to Starwood for Zoey…ha ha ha!)

Amidst the tears (I only did the ugly cry once for like 5 minutes but please don’t tell anyone), I had tears of joy.  Because I know firsthand that being uncomfortable and taking on new challenges and meeting new people pushes you from good to great.  God does his best work, I am convinced, when we are awkward uncomfortable, scared and nervous.  He takes us way outside of what we think we are capable of and helps us fly.  Or in my case, cruise. And knowing this and having confidence in my decision to close one door and walk through the next makes it uncontrollably exciting!

And here I am.  I’ve never gone on a cruise before and coincidentally (or not), I leave next weekend for a cruise completely unrelated to this new job.  I had 14 interviews with Celebrity and 14 out of 14 of the people were nothing short of awesome and authentic.  You know when your gut just tells you something feels good?  That’s how I felt the first time I walked into their offices.  No question the transition will be tough.  And the journey will have its peaks and valleys.  No question.  Because that’s life, no matter what job you have.  But gosh, I am excited for yet another chapter as a working mom and wife.

God knew this was my Miami plan all along.  I didn’t.  But now that this plan is a reality, I am honored to be taking this next step…from land to water.

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  • You will be awesome at Celebrity! I could see sales will increase because of you!!! Good luck on your next chapter!

  • God is amazing! And I’m in awe of your bravery and your optimism and your faith – 3 things that will come in handy on this new venture. [insert clapping emoji here] Go, Ann!

  • This is awesome!! So excited for you and what God is going to do!

  • Congratulations Ann! Very exciting especially when you walk hand in hand with God! Such an inspiring story


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