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So here I am.  Not having as much time to write and blog these days and gearing up for my next career chapter which begins on Monday.  A lot of people have been asking me how I’m doing or how do I feel about starting a new job.  The truth is I haven’t thought too much about the actual job or the career aspect.  Maybe because I have confidence in my decision, I am incredibly excited and as always, I think God will meet me and guide me in this new role.  Don’t mistake that as I think the job will be easy or that I am not expecting a lot of challenges.  I guess it’s more that I’ve been in corporate America for over 14 years, doing digital marketing, leading people and it’s fun for me.  It’s exciting.  It’s where my talents get the best use.  Bring it!

What is occupying my brain the most is the life adjustment.  I have been very fortunate that Starwood allowed me to work from home the last year and a half.  Working from home has cons, no question.  But, there are many pros.  Flexible schedule, optional showers, grabbing groceries during lunch, more time with Zoey and the list goes on.  It’s been relatively easy on the marriage front as well.  Meaning, since I have flexibility, Rick’s schedule isn’t really impacted and I have been carrying a bit more of the daily parental things and household things.  And for the most part, I have been MORE THAN HAPPY TO.  (Okay, yes, I have had breakdowns and haven’t been the nicest to Rick at times and I want him to do more of this or that and then when he does, I actually miss doing it and then I’m so annoying.  LOL!)  It really has been an awesome dual-working-parent situation for us.  But.  When you are ready for more and want to push your career and want to love what you do everyday, something needs to change.

emilyley emilyley-2

Enter:  Director of Social for Celebrity Cruise line job acceptance.

Because I believe that in this vapor of a life we are living, it’s critical to love what you do and for me, I decided to forgo comfort and not completely loving my former role in exchange for a bit of risk, more love, more uncomfortable.  And with that means I have to get up everyday and shower (crazy, right?!).  And drive to work which for the record I haven’t done, ever, in my career thanks to city living.  And not see Zoey during the day.  And do more meal planning.  And life planning. And go to bed earlier.  And wake up earlier.  And travel.  Basically, all the things working moms struggle with (at some point or another), I am running straight into.  That’s what’s on my brain.  A bit of sadness as I will have less time with Zoey.  A bit of tiredness because 7am is already too early for my ideal wake-up-call and now it’s going to be even earlier.  A bit of “how in the world am I going to do this?!”

And then I think.  My mom did it.  And my sister does it.  And my friends do it.  And other women at Celebrity do it.  And tons of my former colleagues at Starwood do it.  And I am not alone.  And my husband is supportive.  And uncomfortable > comfort.  God didn’t tell me to live a comfortable life.  God didn’t give me talents and gifts to have them not used.  No, sir.  He didn’t.

I just concluded a study in the bible on Rahab.  A prostitute who is part of the lineage of Jesus.  Who God used in amazing ways. What she is known for, mainly, is her amazing faith.  She literally puts SO. MUCH. FAITH. in God in her story.  Like crazy faith that so many of us just don’t have.  But as I was reflecting on her story and her faith, I was reminded that in the midst of change and uncomforted and fear and tiredness, I have to have faith that God will meet me.   Because He did for Rahab.  He has for me a million times over.  And He will again during this next chapter of my life.

P.S. I am pretty sure if my desk area resembles one of these incredibly beautiful spaces by Emily Ley, it would solve all my working mom problems, don’t you think?!  Maybe I need to get one of those beautiful planners…

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