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My #locallyinspired Feature with Domino Magazine!

Hola, friends!  I can’t believe we have been in Miami for over a year-and-a-half.  It has been an interesting, yet fun and exciting ride to say the least.  From meeting new people and discovering mom-and-pop restaurants, to enjoying beach days, eccentric art and Cuban flare, Miami is definitely growing on me.  And when people travel here, I often get asked what they should do and where they should eat.  So when Domino Magazine and I partnered to run a #locallyinspired Miami edition, I thought not only will this be perfect for all of those amazing Domino readers out there, but, for my friends and family as well!       ann-ueno-locally-inspired-miami

Check out the feature and I hope you are inspired to not only come to Miami but also, to try out some of my favorite recommendations here in South Florida.  Oh and for all of my Chicago friends…if I recall, it’s getting cold right about now.  So, a trip to Miami is the obvious winter vacation, right?!

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