Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Romans 5:3-4
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Where Have You Been All My Life?

First and foremost, I hope my headline has you singing Rihanna like a boss.

Do you remember that one time that I didn’t blog for 6 months?  Yeah.  Me too.  And I hated every minute of it.  Okay hate is a strong word but I strongly disliked it.  In the last week, I’ve received emails, texts, actual USPS mail, FedEx, Skypes, Snaps, IG DMs and FB messengers from thousands of fans begging me to write again.  Begging.  {Okay, slight exaggeration on all fronts, particularly the Snaps remark as I am not even on Snapchat and feel like a dinosaur as such.  But seriously, I have had a few of you loyal House & Host lovers reach out and I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!}  And so, here I am.  Per your request and per my hearts desire.  A great combo.

In normal social media-slash-blogging-slash-cyber-life I would start telling you about all the awesomeness going on in my life.  Like my new job and how Rick and I are crushing this whole marriage thing and Zoey is throwing temper tantrums like a toddler boss.  But for now, I must skip it as we are going to get real.  Because for those 3-4 loyal readers I have, they know I keep it real here.  And I always stay true to that.  So, here goes.

{Enter bullets because I think WordPress would shut down my blog due to going beyond the maximum word count for one given blog post}

  • I loved my job at Starwood but knew moving to Miami would end up meaning change for me.  Had loads of peace about this prior to moving here.  After almost 11.5 incredible years with the best hotel company in the world, I was ready for the next challenge.
  • Enter Celebrity Cruises.  Most of my friends in Miami work there.  It was travel.  It was deemed a luxury lifestyle brand.  The job was Director of Social Media.  Loved the idea of focusing my passion and skills after almost 14 years doing digital marketing across the board.  Done.  #hired
  • Day 3 the role morphed into Director of Digital Media which included paid search, paid media and social media.  For anyone who knows me, the last place in the digital landscape I would thrive is search and media buying.  I was heartbroken but oddly up for the challenge and at the same time felt a bit resentful.  I had quit Starwood to hone in my digital skill set to dominate social media but then was handed essentially 2 more jobs.  #lesigh
  • I cried.  I was sad.  I was angry.  Basically, I grieved.  A lot.
  • Meanwhile at the ranch, Rick and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye.  Ahem, I may have told him I was going to quit on my fourth day.  He may have told me no.  Thankfully, he is the leader of our family and I listened to him and I am glad I did.  But please know I am summarizing…this was HARD.  I would argue one of the toughest seasons of our marriages.  I wasn’t happy at work.  Which means I wasn’t the best wife at home.  Which means Rick drove me crazy.  Which means I suffered, he suffered, it was a hot mess at the Ueno’s.
  • Sparing a bunch of details, I stuck it out 6 months.  6 months felt like a good barometer and it was also what Rick had advised.
  • Culturally and fundamentally, it just wasn’t the job or company for me.  My peers and teams I worked with were amazing people.  (I actually cried a couple times my last week at work because I would miss some amazing people.)  The brand has great, great potential.  The marketing team also has incredible potential (and the new CMO they hired will be fantastic, I have no doubt).  It just wasn’t a place that I wanted to fight the good fight, if that makes sense.

Truth be told, quitting that job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

In general, I am not a quitter and I, having weathered MANY storms in my life both personally and professionally, know and believe in the fruits of laboring through a storm.  And I SOOOO wanted to weather it.  But, everything in me was saying no.  I prayed.  I cried.  I drank wine.  I confided in incredible friends.  I sought wisdom from Rick.  I prayed more.  And finally, I surrendered.  Having only quit 3 jobs in 15 years, this doesn’t come naturally for me.  But, I took a leap of faith, believing what I heard from God and to those who know me best, and resigned from Celebrity.

To some of you, this may be no big deal.  Quitting a job?  Yeah, it’s not the craziest thing anyone has done, is it?  No.  However, for me, it was uncomfortable and traumatic (seriously, no drama up in here…okay…maybe a little) and life-changing and remarkable and scary and perfect.  Perfect because I believe God’s plans are perfect.  And I have trusted him in dozens and dozens of situations in my life before and He never fails.  And He won’t now.  So, here I go.  Pursuing my deep, deep love for design, at a tiny, but mighty, company called Handshake.  Sometimes a challenging experience just may take you to the place where you know you need to be.  But, you have to climb the mountain before you can celebrate on top, right?

My two words this year, before any of this came to fruition, were BELIEVE and BRAVE.  And man on man, when you put things out there to God, He just shows up in massive ways!  He makes me and had to make me brave for such  time as this!  And I believe, now more than ever, that the best is yet to come and that He cares deeply for me, my passions and the desires of my heart.

I have a few life lessons I’ve learned from this experience and I’ll share more later (hopefully not 6 months from now, for crying out loud!).  But one key lesson I’ve learned is NO experience is wasted.  NONE.  We grow and learn and become better during the tough times.  We do.  I did.  Gosh, I did.  And I had incredible people pouring truth into me, the tough truth during this all and I am beyond thankful for them.  Humbling.  Yes, that is what the last 6 months were.

Thanks for reading, listening, cheering me on and loving me, you guys!  I SO appreciate you.  And I’ve missed you!  Let’s do this again soon, shall we?!

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  • There you are!! I’m so happy to be reading again. Lots of changes are in store but I have never worried about you. You are incredibly unique when it comes to business. You are a star. Good luck in your new role!!


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