July 22, 2014

Black and White Striped Walls

As our house hunt in Miami continues, so does my hours and hours on Pinterest getting inspiration on new projects!  I keep seeing incredible wall coverings and lately, a lot of black and white and a lot of black and white striped walls!  Here are a few of my favorite…though not sure I would take the risk in our house with something so bold.  Would you?!

black white stripe bedroom decordraw

black-white-walls-country-living black-white-stripe-walls black-white-stripe-walls-2 black-white-stripe-walls-bedroom

All photos via Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

July 16, 2014

Words of Wisdom

My life these days is one part exciting, one part scary and one part absolutely crazy.  I am still living in a hotel.  I am 6 months pregnant.  I am in a new city where meeting people and finding comfort has been a bit difficult.  It’s a perfect storm of true adventure.  Not knowing where we will move.  Anticipating the birth of our baby girl.  And so many other things in between.  The below words of wisdom, or shall we say, quotes of the day,  have made their way to me somehow and I pinned to my Pinterest page and I realize they are spot on for where I am at right now.





July 11, 2014

French Theme Baby Shower

Ooh la la!  Yes, I love all things French so of course, I am leaning towards a French theme baby shower for Baby U!  There are various ways that could go and what I can tell you is this.  No bubble gum pink.  No poodles.  And no over-usage of the Eiffel Tower.  Don’t get me wrong.  Poodles are cute (or not) and the Eiffel Tower is stunning.  But, not necessarily my cup of tea for a baby shower.  Instead, think vintage French Market, featuring these coral and peach tones:


Combine those colors with some lush, vintage decor, delicious macaroons, sparkling Rose, French sandwiches, an elaborate cheese and fruit board and I think it could be baby shower perfection!  Here’s my French baby shower mood board (all images and sources on my Pinterest page here:  Baby Shower).


July 8, 2014

Three Seattle Neighborhoods Not to Miss

Hey there!  I’m back with another edition of Travel Tuesday and this week I am featuring Seattle, Washington.  I have written about my love for Seattle many times.  It’s truly one of the best cities in North America for a multitude of reasons.  This time, I am going to give you three.  Three Seattle neighborhoods, that is.  A few weeks back when I was there, it was a family oriented trip so I didn’t get into the city a whole lot.  But, when I did, I maximized my time and explored a couple new areas and of course, went back to my favorite.

First up, Pioneer Square.  Welcome to the birthplace of Seattle. Laying claim as the city’s “first neighborhood”, Pioneer Square is a richly historic place known for its Renaissance Revival architecture, First Thursday art walks, night life, delicious lunch spots, and quirky boutiques. Explore the depth and beauty of Seattle’s first historic district (taken from www.pioneersquare.org).


I have been to Seattle about 6-7 times and had never ventured into this incredibly charming, vintage, European-esque neighborhood.  It quickly became a new favorite and I will absolutely go back the next time I am there.  The highlight was having breakfast at London Plane.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It’s a restaurant.  It’s a flower shop.  It’s home to beautiful gifts and accessories for the home, including great cookware and servingware.  I fell in love.  And this may have something to do with it:



Next.  Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is the city’s center for fresh, local produce, specialty food and small independent businesses. Established in 1907 to connect citizens and farmers, the Market continues its “Meet the Producer” tradition with a year-round farmers market, owner-operated bakeries, fish markets, butcher shops, produce stands and specialty food stores (taken from www.pikeplacemarket.org).

It will forever be one of my favorite markets and is a neighborhood in of itself.  Flowers.  Farmers market.  Fresh seafood.  Delicious coffee.  Local artisans.  Perfect photo ops.  Cobblestone streets.  Enough said.  I go there every single time I go to Seattle.  And yes, it’s filled with tourists but I am more than happy being one of them!


And my third little adventure was in BallardBallard is a historic and hip little town in Seattle’s big city. Settled in 1853, Ballard has been refining its exciting neighborhood for over 150 years. Today Ballard is a place full of some of the best restaurants, pubs, shops, spas, and parks in Seattle (taken from www.inballard.com).

Let’s cut to the chase on this one.  Yes, Ballard has loads of shops and places to eat.  But I went for one reason.  Hot Cakes.  You see, being pregnant and having someone recommend going there mid day when my typical chocolate cravings emerge, it’s a no-brainer.  This joint is a chocolate lovers dream.  Charming and filled with character, the Hot Cakes blew my mind!  Er, well, and my taste buds.  See for yourself.


Next time you are in Seattle, here are the three neighborhoods not to miss!  Pioneer Square.  Pike Place Market.  Ballard.  You won’t be disappointed.  Travel well, my friends!

July 7, 2014

Maternity Clothes, Part Deux

Maternity clothes. Anyone out there feel my pain on finding maternity clothes that are a) in style b) won’t completely break the bank and c) can be found in a brick and mortar store?  Maybe I am alone with this clothing crisis but my gut tells me I’m not.

You see, I hvae noted before and I will note again.  I don’t like shopping for clothes online.  And I definitely don’t like shopping for maternity clothes online.  Case in point:  I bought a very expensive pair of pants and jeans from Hatch in what I think translated to a size large and I kid you not, neither pant nor jean made it above my thighs.  Back to UPS I go…

Conversely, I went to Old Navy and Gap and their teeny tiny selections consist of:  mid length cotton skirts that I would never wear even if I wasn’t pregnant.  Jeans that are decent.  Cotton maxi dresses that are just okay.  And loads and loads of tee shirts.  All at cheap prices.  And therefore, it’s just that.  Cheaper quality.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But, when I work and travel and have events, I need a healthy blend of good quality/professional and loungy type clothes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a few great staples from the Gap maternity collection.  But people, I need more.

Enter:  Belly Dance Maternity.  Oh, Belly Dance how I love you!  My dear friend Vaneesha insisted we go (it’s a brick-and-mortar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood and they also have a store in NYC AND they have website) and insisted I would love it.  She was spot on.  It is a higher price point but the quality is incredible.  The designs are great consisting of both staple pieces and otherwise.  Jeans.  Pants.  Dresses.  Tops.  Tees.  I love their fabrics and brands they carry.  I am a Belly Dance believer.  Here are some staples I snagged up and am currently wearing as I tip past the halfway point of my pregnancy.



1 / Tees by Tina Crinkle Dress 2/ Nom Navy Stripe Tee 3/ Tees by Tina Crinkle Dress

4/ Nom Black Dress 5/ Loyal Hana Black and White Silk Top 6/ Nom Grey Stripe Tank