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Interior Design Services - House & Host

Interior Design Services

“Find something you are passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

Since I was a little girl, one of my passions has been interior design (or perhaps at the age of 10 I would have called it rearranging my bedroom and putting picture frames on my shelves).  I have loved it, lived it and to this day, believe with all of my heart believe that your space – whether at work or home – should be a reflection of who you are.  It should create emotion, bring back a memory, enable you to live well presently.  It should create pride, a sense of peace and a space that is functional…for you.

While my full-time job in hotel marketing (currently Director of Marketing for Starwood Hotel) began in 2002, my interior design career began in 2011 (although helping friends and family has been ongoing for years!) and I have worked on small and big projects alike.  Budgets of $250, budgets of $10k, budgets of $45k.  For me, I am less concerned about budget and more concerned about your goals, ideal outcomes and what you want of your space.

Here is a list of services I offer and specialize in:

  1. General Consultation.  Need help maximizing a space?  Have absolutely no clue where to start?  Just need a second opinion? About to have a baby and need to ‘baby-ize’ your house while ensuring people still realize adults live there, too?  Don’t know what paint colors would work with the wood tones in your kitchen?  Need help sourcing art?
  2. Product Sourcing.  Need mood boards created?  Don’t know which store has the best linens?  Do you want a product but want to compare prices?  Have some home issues (how will I fit all of these shoes into that closet?!) that you need help solving?  Want to buy the fabric but get it cheaper?  Just need help with one area or one wall or one closet?  Yeah, I get it.  And I can help!
  3. Colors.  Ahhhh, colors!  I bleed colors.  I work locally with Benjamin Moore and can assist with sourcing colors to outsourcing a painter to get the job done well at a price you can afford.
  4. Walls.  Second to colors, or even a close tie for first, I am obsessed with creating visual masterpieces on walls.  Everything from simple artwork or adding a mirror to create perception of a larger space, to creating wall galleries, I can ensure your walls are functional, visual and add a touch of personalization to any space.
  5. Fabrics.  I work with local vendors to source fabrics for almost any project (furniture, pillows, curtains, etc.).  Depending on the fabric project will depend on how deep we go.  Reupholstering a couch is a tad more of a commitment than creating custom throw pillows.  I love and do it all 🙂
  6. Full Room Redesign.  There is no better feeling than starting a room, making it personal and functional and seeing the finished product.  Ahhh, the joy that brings me is like no other!  Tackling rooms, one at a time (or simultaneously…that depends on you/your budget!), is something I can help with, soup to nuts.

While this list is not fully comprehensive, it gives you an idea of how I can help you.  Where I can’t help you, personally, but could partner with someone who could, is projects that are in the ‘gut rehab’ category.  Installing cabinets, gutting a bathroom, etc.  I come in after the bones are done to pretty up the space.  Make sense?

For more information, please email me at ann.bennington@gmail.com



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