Marketing and Leadership Consulting

With over 12 years of online marketing experience, I have learned a thing or two about how to generate brand awareness, how to generate revenue and how to have some fun along the way.  Below is a list of areas I have experience – and expertise – in.

  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. Partnership Marketing
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Direct Response Marketing (e.g. email marketing)
  7. Copywriting
  8. Branding
  9. Visual Identity
  10. Website Content

And with 12 years of experience in corporate America comes 12 years of working with people, working for people and leading people. I currently lead a team of 14 people across the country and have taken numerous leadership classes, attending leadership conferences and lead both inside and outside of my job at Starwood.  There are three key beliefs I have about leaderships and how to be an effective leader:

  1. Authenticity trumps, in every single case.  The best leaders speak truth – in love – 10 out of 10 times.  These leaders are the ones that create dynamic, trusting environments that lead to increased productivity and better relationships.
  2. Work hard, play hard.  Cliche?  Yes.  But, I believe that a balanced leader, one who has and is actively involved in a life outside of his or her job, are the ones that are more respected which in turn creates better relationships and in turn, an increase in productivity.  The life outside of our work could be anything from working out at a gym to traveling the world to volunteering at your local church.  In my opinion, everything we do in life is a learning and growing experience and the more we do that as leaders, the better we can become.
  3. Our job, as leaders, is to grow our people.  If that is our focus, and we can maintain and commit to that as our focus, we will succeed.  And so will those who work for us.  Growing people could certainly mean getting them to a promotion-worthy place.  But, it can also mean letting that person go because the job was not the right fit and life is too short to be in a job that isn’t right, right?!  To grow your people means to spend time with them. Get to know them.  Invest in them both inside and outside of work.  Know their strengths and weaknesses and play to their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses.

Similar to interior design, I have a deep passion in both marketing and leading people (which is why I feel so blessed to be in the job I am in).  I have made mistakes, and hope to make many more.  And I have also had many successes creating marketing campaigns and programs, leading people and taking some risks.  If you need some help, want my advice, just want to chat, feel free to reach out!

Rates for marketing consulting and leadership start at $50 per hour and depend on the project.

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